Posture Analysis 

For patients undergoing Advanced Biostructural Correction™, we use PostureViewer™ which allows us to immediately assess your postural changes before and after each visit, and also to view your progress over time, through the use of a dynamic 'slideshow'. 

Both examples below differences in posture in each person. The instructions given just prior to taking the picture, are the same each time - "Breath in, then out, slump and relax, eyes looking forwards". This makes it very difficult to 'cheat', and generate an artificially bad or good posture. Note that in the second example, a different camera was used for the second image, hence the location of background objects, though very similar, are not identical. 

These images are for the purpose of demonstrating the point that posture is changeable. The results below are representative of more typical, moderate changes that can be achieved - obviously though, results can vary from one individual to another.

Try this!

Have someone take a photo of you to look at your own posture, using the folloiwng steps;

  1. Have them stand at least 2 metres away so that there is some ‘space’ above your head, and below your feet when looking at you though the camera. 
  2. Have the camera lens lined up so it’s height is about level with the top of your shoulder joint (you are standing side-on to them).
  3. Avoid using the flash as this causes a shadow against the wall behind which can appear to distort your shape (however, you may need to use a tripod if there is low lighting as the image will blur).
  4. Your instructions before the photo is taken are as follows: “Breath in, then out, slump and relax, eyes looking forwards".
  5. Have the picture taken.
  6. To make it more interesting, make a precise note of where you and the camera were positioned (e.g., use tape to mark the floor), and then take each photo at different times of the day, and watch what your posture does as the day progresses!

Change shown over a single visit (image immediately below)


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