Fee Schedule

Below is our current fee schedule valid until April 2018.
It may be useful to know the following:

  • Fees are payable at the time of your appointment.
  • We do not hold “accounts”.
  • In general, Chiropractic care is not covered by Medicare, except under the Enhanced Primary Care scheme (only allows a maximum of 5 visits, consult your GP. - we currently do not participate in the EPC scheme).
  • Almost all Health Funds cover Chiropractic care to varying levels, depending on which level of cover you have. Please confirm with your fund your cover level, rebates, and other information.
  • We are a preferred provider for  Bupa, which allows members to claim generous rebates.
  • As a rule, we do not take on WorkCover/Third Party Claim scenarios.
  • Most forms of payment are accepted, with the exception of Amex, Diners and BarterCard.



New Patient(1)- 120, (Pensioner/Student = 110)

Regular Visit - 60, (Pensioner/Student = 56)

Re-Exam(2) - 120, (Pensioner/Student = 110)

Infants under 12mo - No Charge

Small Animals (call for fees on horses etc)

New Patient - 75

Regular Visit - 55

1 - Patients that have not attended this practice before.

- Existing patients who’s last appointment has been 12 months or greater.

Contracts/Payment Plans

We operate on a pay-by-the-visit basis.  We do not utilise contracts requiring large, up-front payments.

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