Hello and welcome to Clovelly Park Chiropractic.

This practice has been established since 1989, looking after our patients’ short-term and long-term health needs. We provide a personalised, thorough approach to your needs, always taking the time to answer any questions you have.

We provide private, one-on-one patient care, tailoring it to your particular needs. We do not utilise an open-plan (for all to see) adjusting area, nor pre-paid contractual agreements with patients.

We focus not only on the immediate (often “pain-management”) concerns patients often have initially, but also your bigger health picture. That is to say, we’ll address the tougher questions of “how do we stop this happening again?”, and “I feel ‘ok’, but what do I have to do to feel really good?”

Our patients range from the very young, some just weeks old, to the very young at heart, highlighting the individual nature of the care we offer. Just as importantly, if we don’t think we can help you, which can and does happen from time to time, we will say so, and offer our recommendation on what the next step might be.

So feel free to browse our site, which gives an overview of what we’re about. If you have any further questions, by all means, come in and talk to us, even if it’s just for an opinion.

Yours in Better Health,

“The Team” at Clovelly Park Chiropractic Clinic

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